Simple FAQ

What does Simple do?

Simple tracks your trips automatically to maximize tax savings. US workers can get a $0.58 deduction for every business mile in 2019.

How much does Simple cost?

Max is free to use with some monthly quota limitation which fits most of user’s case. However, if you want to have unlimited access, you can upgrade and become our premium members.​

How much is the Simple Membership?

Membership is based on a monthly or annual subscription.
Monthly subscriptions: $4.99 per month (billed monthly)
Annual subscriptions: $41.99 per year (billed once annually, it is $3.49/month)
You can become a member anytime from the app.

How does Simple work?

The app uses an advanced trip detection algorithm to track your drives automatically, even in the background. The trips will show up after they are detected so you can review and classify them in the app.

Why is Simple better than others?

Simple provides essential tracking features to all gig workers. Simple is beautiful, accurate and personal. It is different, just like you.

How to get help?

Click the help inside the app anytime to chat with us in real time. You can also email us at

How can I help Simple?

We are very grateful for your help. Please contact us directly: